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Brain Injury

Sacramento Brain Injury Lawyer, Sacramento Head Injury Attorney

An accident or trauma to the head can cause injury to the brain. People who sustain concussion, hemorrhage, significant loss of consciousness, coma, and/or skull fractures can be diagnosed as having sustained a traumatic brain injury. The amount, or degree, of injury is classified as mild, moderate, or severe. Brain swelling (or edema), bruising (or contusion), are likely complications. In virtually all cases, maintaining quality of life is the primary goal.

Injuries of this nature are generally detectable on advanced types of x-rays such as CT, MRI, and other imaging. However, as noted below, sometimes the swelling or bleeding does not happen until after an injured person has already left an emergency room. The problem might not be seen on the first set of images. If you have suffered a head injury in Sacramento or Elk Grove CA and any symptoms occur, or get worse, it is important to go back to the emergency room right away. In many instances, the patient's very survival is an issue.

Direct trauma to the head injures not only the visible parts outside, but can also penetrate or fracture the skull, and possibly affect the brain by cutting into it or putting pressure on it. Direct trauma can also cause the brain to smash up against the inside of the skull bone, perhaps without any visible external injury. Another kind of trauma, indirect trauma, often associated with the "Shaken Baby Syndrome" involves a severe shaking or whiplash that can shake or rotate the brain, damaging the delicate nerve cells and blood vessels inside the head.

Secondary types of brain injury can also be devastating to victims and their families. Such injuries include edema, hydrocephalus, and hygroma, and particularly dangerous, hematoma. Edema refers to the swelling of the brain that can prevent blood and oxygen from entering the brain cells. Hydrocephalus and hygroma are characterized by collection of fluid in and around the brain. They can be caused by a direct or indirect injury to the brain as well as injury to other body parts. Hematoma is a collection of blood trapped in an enclosed space, caused by brain tissue injury or tearing of blood vessels. Both swelling and bleeding in the brain after trauma can occur after being released from the emergency room, and can become very serious very quickly.

When you are involved in an accident in Sacramento CA, it may be very hard for even medical professionals to immediately determine whether or not a brain injury has occurred. The following is a list of common signs and symptoms of an injury to the brain:

• Loss of consciousness–In any degree, from being dazed for a few seconds all the way to slipping into a coma.

• Post-traumatic amnesia–Memory loss, particularly of events prior to, during, and following the incident.

• Concussion–Awareness may be altered, and you may feel dizzy, nauseous, disoriented, forgetful, irritable, or depressed.

• Encephalopathy–Literally, disease of the brain, a state in which the brain is not functioning normally (not always a permanent state). You may be confused, inattentive, or in a stupor.

• Focal neurological signs–There are specific, recognizable signs that alert your doctor to your brain malfunction.

• Seizure–Also called a “fit” or convulsion, nerve cells misfire, causing the arms, legs, body, and head to twitch or move uncontrollably. You can lose consciousness, fall, and further injure yourself.

•Unequal or non-reactive pupils–The pupils do not respond to light in a normal manner, indicating an injury inside the brain.

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