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Semi Truck Injury

Sacramento Semi Truck Accident Lawyer, Sacramento Big Rig Injury Attorneys

Trucking accidents have an increased chance of injury occurring because statistically the truck is unable to remain upright. Truck drivers do not see other vehicles as well as other vehicles see them. They lack the maneuverability and ability to react quickly that smaller vehicles have, all of which contribute to trucking accidents. Trucks need to be licensed to operate in the state where the accident occurred.  There are many complicated laws, state and federal, involving semi trucks. If you have been involved in a trucking accident in Sacramento or Elk Grove CA  contact us or call (916)-329-9010 to confer with a trucking accident attorney.

 There are federal and state safety regulations that are intended to help prevent trucking accidents. However, violations of these safety recommendations greatly increase the risk of trucking accidents. Truck drivers must assume responsibility and take all measures to avoid putting other drivers at risk of injury because of a trucking accident. Due to the large size of trucks, a trucking accident can greatly endanger the lives of occupants of smaller vehicles unnecessarily, especially when truck operators fail use proper trucking accident prevention.

 If you are involved in a trucking accident in Sacramento or Elk Grove CA , make no statements.  Obtain all the details from the others involved. Get the name of the truck driver, passengers, and any witnesses; the truck’s license plates, company name, insurance information, but other than providing the same details on your side, avoid discussing the events of the Sacramento area trucking accident.  Remember anything said or documented at the time can later be used against you. Contact our trucking accident attorney in Sacramento or Elk Grove CA to learn your legal rights and options. A trucking accident attorney can help file all necessary reports and recover the compensation for your injuries and losses.

Do you feel you may have a potential injury case? Contact us today for a free personal injury case consultation or call (916) 329-9010 for a free injury accident case consultation.