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How to Hire the Right Sacramento Bad Faith Lawyer

Most people buy insurance because it protects them and their loved ones in case of disaster or emergency. They aim to ensure that their future is well taken care of in whatever kind of disaster they might face.

There are various reasons to buy insurance, of course, but most people buy for the assurance that you and your family members are protected in a case of injury, natural disaster, or any traumatic experience.

How Do Bad Faith Situations Arise?

Suppose something tragic were to happen to you or others covered in your insurance policy, those left to carry on without you will receive financial relief and/or compensation.

That's how it SHOULD work, right? This is not always the case.

There are insurance companies out there that will find loopholes to deny the claim, and there are many instances where a claim can get denied without being given a satisfactory reason, or the insurance company intentionally misconstrued your claim, stating that you were compensated only for a minimal cost instead of the actual cost of your claim.

Finding a Reliable Sacramento Bad Faith Attorney

If you live in the Sacramento Elk Grove area and are looking for a Sacramento bad faith lawyer or Elk Grove bad faith lawyer to help you with your insurance claim denial, we are standing by to serve with the utmost integrity and skill level to assist you in receiving the financial compensation you are deserving of.

We truly understand how a denied claim can greatly impact you and your family. Our attorneys are well-taught and trained to handle even the most difficult of bad faith insurance issues.


What Is Bad Faith?

Bad faith means that your insurance company breached your trust (what they said would happen versus what actually happened in your case), contract or policy agreement - the insurance company rejects, denies, or delays your claim due to false or fraudulent information inserted not by you.

In the United States, insurance companies are legally bound to a “covenant of good faith and fair dealing” to their policyholders, and any unjust dealings should be challenged – by filing a bad faith insurance lawsuit.

Our attorneys understand that personal injuries and life-changing situations should be awarded due compensation to take the pressure off of the people involved.

If you need a Sacramento bad faith lawyer or a Sacramento bad faith attorney to assist you with your claim, it is advised to get in touch with our associates through our contact channels - where a Sacramento or Elk Grove bad faith lawyer will eager and ready to help you get started with your bad faith lawsuit.

How Do You Know If You Have a Bad Faith Case?

Not all denied claims fall under the Bad Faith case. There are instances when your insurance policy may not cover the kind of injury or circumstance that you are in. It is best to read through and review your insurance policy.

Since insurance policies are long with complicated clauses and terminologies, it is advised to seek guidance from an insurance expert to help you better understand your policy.

Doing so will not only give you a better understanding of what’s included in your policy but also provide clarification and answers to important questions.

If you think you have a bad faith case, now is the time to take action!
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If you have experienced any of these situations, please get in touch with us:

• The insurance company intentionally misinterpreted the policy to save money or to minimize the total cost of your claim

• Your insurance claim was denied for an unknown reason or you were not given substantial reason at all

• Your insurance company failed to investigate the actual cost of the property damage

• Your insurance company undervalued your claim and failed to investigate

• It took a considerable amount of time before you got paid for your claim

Upon entering into contact with a policyholder, insurance companies are expected and required to honor policies with covered services. In scenarios where a claim is rejected without a valid reason, an insurance provider can be legally pursued.

The only time that an insurance company has the right to deny a claim:

• The insured failed to pay the monthly premium

• The insured failed to honor the insurance policy or contract

• The insurance claim is fraudulent

• If the injury, damage, or claim is not covered, as per the insured’s policy

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