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Knowing how exposed a motorcyclist is on the road, a large number of motorcycle accidents in Sacramento, Elk Grove, Folsom & Redding CA result in death or serious personal injury

It’s vital to remember to wear a helmet approved by the Department of Transportation, as the most severe consequences of motorcycle accidents are unprotected head injuries - causing damage to the skull, brain, and spinal cord.

After a motorcycle accident, it is important to contact a personal injury attorney even if you believe injuries to be minor at the time. It sometimes takes days, weeks, or even months before the full extent of injuries is known.

Since injuries sustained from a motorcycle accident may lead to aggravated, long-term pain and immense medical costs, it is worthwhile to contact the Sacramento, Elk Grove, Folsom & Redding CA Personal Injury, Motorcycle Injury, Law, Lawyer Office of Laskin Balma Attorneys at Law immediately.


Common Motorcycle Accident Injuries

A large number of victims in motorcycle accidents become crippled or disabled for life. Some of the serious, long-term effects that accident victims deal with include road rashes, facial defects, broken bones, and burns. More perplexed consequences include spinal injuries, amputation, paralysis, and brain injury.

Some victims ignore or minimize the damage they’ve sustained during the accident - this can only worsen an already dire condition.

In the event of an accident, don’t try to downplay potentially life-threatening injuries, such as the following:

  • Any damage to the spine. This can turn into life-long trauma, or even worse – paralysis.
  • A fracture to the skull. Some riders may be unaware of this injury, which will require medical attention to identify.
  • Severe head trauma. This may disrupt the communication between the brain and the spine, leading to paralysis. Untreated head trauma may worsen, rendering the person weak or barely capable of living independently.
  • Concussion. Long-term effects of a concussion include trouble concentrating, memory problems, changes in personality/mood, sensitivity to light and noise, sleep disturbance, depression, and disorders of smell and taste.
At The Sacramento, Elk Grove, Folsom & Redding CA Personal Injury, Motorcycle Injury, Law, Lawyer Office of Laskin Balma Attorneys at Law, we are adamant in our reminder to our readers that medical attention is crucial, and when delivered promptly, can save victims from a lifetime of disability.

Road Rash

Motorcycle accidents typically result in road rash, caused by the ejection of the motorcyclist and their violent contact with the road. Most cases of road rash appear as minor scrapes, bruises, and cuts.

Such small-scale damage can add to an extended battle of irritability, skin infections, and nerve damage – amongst other injuries. Permanent scarring can also occur.

Motorcycle and Road Accident Laws

Most road accidents, especially those involving motorcycles occur due to negligence. Motorcyclists can be easily overlooked or undetected by other drivers simply because of their small size.

Motorcycles are much smaller than cars and can maneuver into spaces that many drivers often neglect checking.

Laws for motorcycle accidents differ from place to place. If you are involved in a motorcycle accident in Sacramento, Elk Grove, Folsom or Redding CA, we at the Personal Injury Lawyer office of Laskin Balma Attorneys at Law are standing by to help at a moment’s notice. Our personal injury and accident attorneys are highly experienced and well-versed in all areas of Elk Grove, Sacramento, Folsom & Redding CA Personal Injury to ensure that your rights are protected.

Risks and Factors Involved in Motorcycle Accidents

It can be difficult to piece together how the motorcycle accident in Sacramento, Elk Grove, Folsom or Redding CA happened because there are usually multiple factors at play, including, but not limited to:

  • Road conditions and hazards
  • Skill level of the motorcyclist and other involved riders
  • Negligent behavior of any party
  • The physical condition of involved vehicles
  • Inclement weather

An individual may not always have the resources to investigate an accident and determine which parties are liable. Even if they did have the resources, an individual will possess much more powerful options in pursuing their case with our help. Our personal injury attorneys can add their specialized knowledge of motorcycle accidents and personal injury law to effectively assist the individual in their case.

Bear in mind that almost every motorcycle accident ends up in personal injury, the effects of which can be extensive and have life-long detriments on the injured person's life.

If you would like more information on dealing with a motorcycle accident personal injury, we are ready to help. Please contact us or call (916) 329-9010 to confer with a local Sacramento, Elk Grove, Folsom or Redding CA motorcycle accident or personal injury attorney at the offices of Laskin Balma Attorneys at Law.