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Have you, or anyone you know been injured in a store, restaurant, or another person's home around Sacramento, Elk Grove, Folsom or Redding, CA, due to the negligence of the property owner? If so, you can receive help to pay for treatment of the injuries you have sustained. When you slip or trip and fall in someone’s business or home there is legal cause of action called “premises liability". Premises liability is a legal concept that makes people responsible for the injuries and damages that occurred in or on the property they own, maintain, manage, or control. They have a duty to maintain premises in a non-dangerous condition and when they breach that duty, they are responsible for the damages that arise out of that breach.

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Around Sacramento, Elk Grove, Folsom & Redding CA, Laskin Balma Attorneys at Law is known for being a highly experienced and trusted Personal Injury and Slip & Fall, Lawyer. People who struggled in the same situation highly recommend Laskin Balma for instant assistance.

Premises Liability
As to what was discussed earlier, premises liability usually involves "trip and fall" or “slip and fall" as the mechanism of injury. However, though it's known for this type of injury and damage, premises liability is not limited to those type of incidents. It also includes construction accidents, lead poisoning, dog bite cases, inoperative/defective lighting, negligence to warn people about a hazardous environment, and accidents that are caused by negligence or willful conduct by the third person on the premises involved.

What to Do After Experiencing a Slip and Fall Accident
The following list are the things to do immediately after a slip or trip and fall incident to protect your rights.

1. Acquire medical treatment instantly right after the incident
Acquiring immediate medical treatment right after the incident is the most important thing to do first. You have to put your health and safety to the utmost priority after the incident happens. Visit a doctor instantly.

It does not matter if you believe the injury is severe or not, it’s important to ask for a doctor’s advice and help. Sometimes there is a delay in pain due to adrenaline. It’s also important to see a doctor because you can use this as documentation that the incident occurred once you seek legal action regarding the incident. This will also help your Sacramento, Elk Grove, Folsom and Redding CA Slip and Fall Attorneys Laskin Balma, maximize your claim with necessary documentary evidence.

2. It’s time to report the Incident
After the immediate medical care, it's now time to report the incident to the authority figure that was on-site at the time of the incident. These people can be the manager, landlord, or owner. This is important no matter where the accident or the slip and fall occurred. It would be better if you get all the details of the incident in writing and ask them for a copy of the document for your records.

3. Document everything regarding the incident Documenting is an important part of taking legal action. So document everything. Document the names, addresses, phone numbers, and e-mail addresses of all the other people on-site in time of the incident. You can also take pictures of the exact place where the slip and fall happened. Take photos of all the possible things that could help you with your legal action case. Write down what you were doing before the incident, the time of the incident, and after the incident. Also, take note of the time and date.

4. Decline when asked for a statement regarding the slip and fall incident
When taking legal action, DO NOT give out a statement about the slip and fall incident to insurance companies. Do not post on your social media regarding the incident, do not share photos.

5. Call a Slip & Fall Injury Attorney at The Sacramento, Elk Grove, Folsom & Redding CA Personal Injury, Slip & Fall, Law, Lawyer & Attorney Law Offices of Laskin Balma.

Call the best attorney for your needs. Contact the most knowledgeable attorneys regarding slip and fall accidents, your team at Laskin Balma. We can immediately request that the at-fault party locate and maintain surveillance evidence in order to support your claim. This is important to do right away because video footage can be deleted if they are not asked to preserve it.

Although a slip and fall incident is hard to prove, Laskin Balma will give you the highest guarantee to get the settlement you deserve from the slip and fall incident that you have experienced.

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