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This office is very professional. They will not lie to you, cheat you, or steal from you. They retrieved a very large sum of money for me that was taken by another law firm quite dishonestly. Do your due diligence here research them and you will see that their record is spotless. If you have a good cause he will represent you and if you don't he will tell you he can't help you. He will not take your money.
Bob Mitchell,
Mr. Laskin is very kind and helpful. He makes sure you understand what is going on after step of the way. His staff members are very nice. They are very accommodating to your schedule, and have multiple locations.
G. Moreno,
He is one of the best lawyers in Sacramento such a professional, well knowledge, intelligent person. Alan knows the law better then most lawyers in town. He would fight for you till you get a reasonable settlement. He would never give up till the end. Thank you Alan for believing in us. We are very appreciative for your hard work and for fighting for us till the end. I’ll recommend Alan to my damita de friends anytime.
Raphael Enriquez,

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