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Motorcycle accidents can result in life-altering injuries, such as road rashes, facial defects, broken bones, burns, spinal injuries, amputation, paralysis, and brain injury. Determining who is responsible for the accident can be challenging for the victim, who may not have the necessary resources. With the help of our personal injury attorneys, the victim can pursue their case more effectively, as our attorneys have specialized knowledge of motorcycle accidents and personal injury law. It is important to remember that nearly all motorcycle accidents result in personal injury, which can have significant, long-lasting effects on the victim's life.

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Motorcycle Accidents

Motorcycle accidents often cause life-altering injuries such as road rash, facial defects, broken bones, burns, spinal injuries, amputation, paralysis, and brain injury. Determining responsibility can be difficult for victims who may lack resources, but our personal injury attorneys specialize in motorcycle accidents and personal injury law and can help pursue the case effectively. It's important to seek medical attention promptly since even minor injuries like road rash can lead to complications like skin infections and nerve damage. Motorcycle accidents usually occur due to negligence, and the laws surrounding them vary by location. Our experienced attorneys can protect your rights and help investigate the accident to determine liability. Motorcycle accidents almost always result in personal injury, which can have long-lasting effects.

Common Motorcycle Accident Injuries

A large number of victims in motorcycle accidents become crippled or disabled for life. Some of the serious, long-term effects that accident victims deal with include road rashes, facial defects, broken bones, and burns. More perplexed consequences include spinal injuries, amputation, paralysis, and brain injury.

Some victims ignore or minimize the damage they’ve sustained during the accident - this can only worsen an already dire condition.

In the event of an accident, don’t try to downplay potentially life-threatening injuries, such as the following:

  • Any damage to the spine. This can turn into life-long trauma, or even worse – paralysis.
  • A fracture to the skull. Some riders may be unaware of this injury, which will require medical attention to identify.
  • Severe head trauma. This may disrupt the communication between the brain and the spine, leading to paralysis. Untreated head trauma may worsen, rendering the person weak or barely capable of living independently.
  • Concussion. Long-term effects of a concussion include trouble concentrating, memory problems, changes in personality/mood, sensitivity to light and noise, sleep disturbance, depression, and disorders of smell and taste.

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