Car Safety While Pregnant

The daughter of a Laskin Balma Attorneys at Law client who is acting as a Guardian ad Litem for her brothers is very pregnant at the moment. We needed her to come into the Laskin Balma law offices to sign some paperwork, but were worried about her safety because she is due any day now. Some cursory research into driving while pregnant showed that cars can be pretty much as safe for pregnant drivers and passengers as for non-pregnant people with just a few modifications.

Here is a list of recommendations compiled from multiple sources:

1. If you are taking a long trip, get out of the car and walk around every couple of hours to avoid blood clots.

2. Wear a lap and shoulder belt. The lap belt should be under your belly and over your hips. The shoulder belt should rest between your breasts and off to the side of your belly.

3. Move the seat as far back as possible.

4. If you must drive, angle the steering wheel toward your sternum, not your abdomen.

These simple things will keep a pregnant belly from striking the inside of the vehicle if an accident should occur. The seat belt is positioned to catch you without intruding on your baby and you have more room in front of you (which is important since most collisions are strikes from the rear).

If you are in a crash, get checked out by your doctor, even if it was only a minor crash. Placental abruption can occur without pain or the mother even knowing. That is when the placenta separates from the wall of the uterus. In severe cases it can deprive the baby of oxygen. It is rare, but you can’t be too careful. It usually happens in the last few weeks of pregnancy if it happens, so be aware.

Safety is always a concern for Laskin Balma Attorneys at Law in Sacramento California. We’d rather you be late to an appointment than speed and endanger yourself to get here on time. We even offered to take the paperwork to the pregnant Guardian ad Litem’s home, but she said she was doing great and would like to come in to the office. Thankfully, she made it here and back home without incident. Hopefully this information will help you or someone you know and keep those precious babies safe.

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