May 31, 2022
Need to hire auto accident attorney in Sacramento

Learn More About  Hiring an Auto Accident Attorney in Sacramento 

Understanding Pain & Suffering Damages  The law assigns a value to your pain and suffering to determine how much your injuries are worth in monetary terms. This is called “pain and suffering damages.” The law also assigns a value to your lost wages and medical bills. These are called “economic damages.” In addition to these two damages, you may receive compensation for other losses if the same injury caused them. These include loss of consortium (i.e., loss of the love, affection and companionship of your spouse) or loss of enjoyment of life (i.e., loss of recreational activities). All these losses are considered “non-economic” damages. All three types of damages must be determined by a jury; a judge or court clerk […]
April 28, 2022

Hiring a Sacramento Personal Injury Attorney For Your Auto Accident

Introduction It can be hard to decide what to do when a car accident occurs. The legal and medical side of things can be confusing and difficult for most people not familiar with those fields. A personal injury attorney in Sacramento has a lot of knowledge about dealing with insurance companies. Their experience and expertise make them great at getting the best settlement for their clients by finding out what happened in an accident. Hiring A Sacramento Personal Injury Attorney For Your Auto Accident Usually, when dealing with insurance companies, you need a reasonable attorney who has experience with insurance companies and knows how to get results. The Sacramento personal injury lawyer has a lot of knowledge regarding how insurance companies […]