Concussion: Mishandling in the Short-Term Can Cause Life Changing Problems in the Long-Term

Concussion: Mishandling in the Short-Term can cause Life Changing Problems in the Long-Term

At Laskin Balma Attorneys at Law we handle all types of personal injury cases. Whether you slipped and fell in a grocery store, were in a motorcycle collision, or were attacked by an animal, we can handle your claim with expertise. We have worked hard to obtain compensation for our clients for injuries they suffered through no fault of their own for over 30 years. The injuries a person sustains differs from body to body and incident to incident, however we have started seeing a certain worrying trend among all types of personal injury cases.


Did you hit your head on the floor when you fell? Did you hit your head against a headrest, steering wheel, or window? Did you hit your head on the ground or against a building when a dog attacked you? We have actual clients that this has happened to and the results are devastating.

A mild concussion has symptoms like headache, dizziness, or nausea. Severe concussions can include ringing in the ears, fainting, memory loss, confusion, and difficulty concentrating. No matter how severe, concussions can have long-term effects if not properly diagnosed and not taken care of.

When you see a doctor for your injuries you must tell them if your head struck something. Headaches are common and will not be a red flag for a doctor in the normal course of a physical examination. It is important to document that you hit your head because it might change the course of action a doctor will take including what discharge instructions they provide, what medications they prescribe, and what imaging tests they order.

If you do have a mild concussion, the best remedy is rest. You should avoid screens such as phone, computer, or television, and also avoid physical activity. You should not drive with a concussion. Avoid caffeine and get plenty of sleep to heal. The Mayo Clinic recommended “relative rest”, which includes limiting activities that require thinking and mental concentration, but not “complete rest”, like staying in a dark room without any stimuli.

Severe concussions may require MRIs, cognitive testing, and neurological examination. Remember a concussion is a type of Traumatic Brain Injury. You may need to be hospitalized and observed overnight. By diagnosing a concussion early you can reduce the chance of long-term consequences like personality changes, short-term memory loss, speech impairment, syncope, chronic migraine, depression, and many others.

If you believe you have sustained a concussion seek professional medical help immediately. If your concussion was caused by the negligence of someone else, call us at Laskin Balma Attorneys at Law. We will help you get compensated for the losses and harms you have sustained, including post-concussive syndrome and other long-term effects of hitting your head.