What caused the Dixie Fire?

Pacific Gas & Electric Co. (PG&E) has admitted that it may be to blame for causing the Dixie Fire. The fire started near the Cresta Dam area in the Feather River Canyon. An employee observed several blown fuses and noticed a fire nearby.

The Dixie Fire is the 6th largest fire in the state’s history. The fire has consumed “almost a million acres” The fire recently destroyed the historic town of Greenville in Plumas County, and evacuations have been ordered for parts of Plumas, Butte and Lassen Counties.

Can I file a claim against PG&E?

You may be able to file a claim or lawsuit against PG&E for injuries and other losses you sustained in the Dixie Fire or other fires caused by PG&E, including compensation for the following:

• The cost to repair or replace your home and personal property
• Tree, timber and underwood damage
• Pet and livestock loss
• Land value depreciation
• Business losses
• Personal injury
• Wrongful death
• Loss of crops
• Loss of enjoyment and use of your property
• Emotional distress
• Evacuation costs

How can we help?

Our team of experienced lawyers knows how to navigate the complex system of filing a claim and maximizing your recovery for the losses you’ve sustained due to PG&E’s negligence. We have prosecuted hundreds of complex lawsuits for more than 30 years in Northern California and have secured millions of dollars for our clients. Our attorneys have deep roots in the communities hit hardest by the Dixie Fire. It’s personal for us!

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